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Things are beginning to get cooler but at the same time there is a warmth, a toasty feeling in the air. The yellow and browning of the trees gives off a light that makes one want to hug and be close to the people they care about.

Autumn and winter are filled with festive holidays, occasions that excite and delight our children. The possibility to dress up, transform oneself and interact with the goodies that come along.     

The excitement around holidays such as Halloween has a lot to do with costume and sweet treats. At Five of Us we’ve believe these moments are an opportunity to get creative and to spend time with one another. What could be better than bringing new things into the world, made from your own hands at home. This intimacy and inventiveness is sure to create new memories your children will treasure.

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When thinking of costumes this year, why not think about how, what your little ones wear could go on to be their celebratory outfit for other holidays.


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Nothing brings people together like getting into the kitchen. We’ve got one of our favourite seasonal recipes ready to go!
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Get your arts and crafts on! Learning to repurpose materials for play is exactly what Five of Us is all about.
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