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We've partnered with Le Petit Planet

Being responsible is at the core of whatever we do at Five of Us.

Not only because of how we source our fabrics and yarns (certified by external bodies), or our packaging materials but also because of our business model which is founded on small family-run businesses and artisans that produce unique handcrafted pieces, in small volumes and with low waste.

We also want to bring back the appreciation of well-designed and carefully crafted items so that kids clothes are used for longer.

We believe these are all humble, small, genuine steps in the right direction.

In our pursuit to continue tackling the fashion sustainability challenge, we are very proud to share with you that we have recently partnered Le Petit Planet. This new curated childrenswear marketplace enables customers to buy responsibly and resell garments when you no longer need them.

Their circular approach is rooted in many commitments that their partners must deliver in areas such as working with recycled cotton or fibres, having audited leather processes to reduce negative environmental impact, or banning the use of fur and exotic skins.

All the above has enabled Le Petit Planet to be awarded the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury, the luxury industry’s most prestigious certification, highlighting brands that are committed to positively impacting the environment and society.

 Le Petit Planet explained to us their ambitions, and we agreed to join this project to expand our contribution to a better tomorrow where garments last longer thanks to their quality and the conscious business models of all the partners involved.

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