As the nights draw in and the temperature drops we find warmth in the magical feeling at this special time of year. Advent calendars are ripped open each December morning in merrily excitement, board games make a return to the dining tabletops and our favourite films dawn the TV set. We focus on togetherness and the precious time spent with our families at home on cold winter evenings and that all important venture in search of the perfect tree. There are so many memories created throughout the winter months, the kind that last a lifetime.

At Five of Us we reminisce on the feeling of dressing up as a child for winter, from Christmas parties to rushing out into the garden for the first snowfall, we think of all the reasons to take our special dress of the hanger and pull the cosy wool jumpers over our heads, armed with knitwear shields from the harsh weather. Those are the memories that stick in our heart and the ones we wish to share with our own children. 

Our five days of Christmas focus on the greatest gifts of the festive period, and below we share our highlights for the holidays. 

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