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It is actually a year ago when we launched our first Baby Accessories collection and we are now expanding it again after the stroller accessories collection was released last September.

The first collection was about Baby Essentials, to prepare the maternity bag or for parents on the move. That design development was very straightforward, we knew which were the collection basics and our atelier had the expertise to handcraft them. 

 Afterward, when we started thinking about how to expand our collection, we realised that we could offer stroller accessories that would be not only functional but also in a particular Five of Us style. In this case again, what to offer was pretty clear: footmuffs, stroller organisers, and mitten gloves.

This time, however, with an offer that already covers on-the-move and baby sleep accessories, we needed to ensure the novelty was relevant, complementary, and distinctive.

 During the development process of the new designs, It has been fundamental to receive great pieces of feedback from customers and during our conversations with parents in pop-ups or baby shows. 

We have learned so much in terms of the prints you love, how to improve certain elements of our pieces, or what you would love to find in our collection to cover your needs when on the move or during baby sleep. 

And of course, our atelier’s experienced inputs have also been key to developing high-quality pieces (as they are handcrafted, using fine sustainable fabrics), very easy to care for (they are machine washable), and designed to last and to be passed on.

 And without further ado, let us introduce our new Five of Us Baby Accessories to you!

 We will start with Allium, Primrose, and Trillium. They are our new range of Reversible Seat Liners. We have designed 3 different liners to fit the most common pushchairs in the market, the narrow or foldable pushchairs and YOYO strollers. And we bring a unique feature: they are reversible so that you can change the style in your pushchair as you wish.


A baby stroller with wheels

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A pair of sandals

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Salix is the new member to join our footmuff family!   A car seat baby nest that fits most car seats in the market thanks to its pre-cut holes on the back for fastening shoulder traps. Furthermore, it is super convenient as it is also ideal for carrying the baby in a pram or in your arms. 

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 Last but not least, Lobelia organic cotton Baby Sleeping Bags have been designed to become the perfect complement for babies up to 12 months to have a comfy rest. Also thought to make parent’s life easier during nappy changes due to its concealed zip-up front and because it is machine washable like the rest of Five of Us baby accessories!

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This is how we are growing Five of Us. Unique Baby Accessories which are designed in London and Handcrafted in Spain, using certified sustainable fabrics and yarns. 

We hope you find them unique and you can spread the voice!

Queralt & Oskar

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