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Unique handmade baby accessories

A unique and modern approach to reviving traditional handcraftsmanship. To create high-quality baby accessories with a characteristic style that can be passed on among family or friends. Designed in London, Handmade in Spain.

The Brand

FIVE OF US was born as a children’s lifestyle brand whose mission is to revive traditional craftsmanship and to support the family businesses that have specialised in their skill for generations. The brand was born from memories of the founder’s childhood, combined with decades of experience in the fashion industry and a long-lasting passion for genuine style and craftsmanship of the highest quality.
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FIVE OF US Baby Accessories collection lives the same purpose and the same high-quality handcraftsmanship approach. To run a conscious and low-volume, low-waste business model that only uses carefully sourced, sustainable materials. To offer quality, longevity and beautiful design in every piece. To build communities that share the brand’s ethos towards a responsible future.

Our values

A genuine and humble contribution to a more responsible future for our children

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longevity & quality

Pieces are designed from high-quality fabrics and yarns and are handmade to last a lifetime. Creating longstanding communities and loyalty through a shared ethos, that goes beyond the piece itself.
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We celebrate true craftsmanship, elevating the talent and creativity behind traditional techniques and unique creations. A genuine personal connection with each and every craftsman and woman and creatives we collaborate with.
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Ethical, social & environmental responsibility is at the core of our brand. Our pieces and their packaging are ethically and sustainably handcrafted with a low-waste approach.
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Our founder, Queralt Ferrer, tells the story behind Five of Us. What inspired her and how Five of Us is evolving into a Baby Accessories brand.

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