Sustainability doesn’t stop with the materials we use. It is ingrained in the entire setup of our company. Making each piece in low volumes to minimise waste, sourcing our materials carefully, and working with small, family-run manufacturers who create pieces of the highest quality, that will last for many generations to come.
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All our pieces are handmade using organic cotton, natural fabrics and recycled yarns which are certified by expert bodies such as GOTS, ECOVERO or RWS. It is our aim to keep man-made materials to a minimum and only use recycled alternatives.


We have made it our priority to slow things down. We want to bring back an appreciation for carefully handcrafted pieces and the people involved in their making. We create pieces that are unique and can be passed on. Every piece is handmade in low volumes. This reduces waste during the end-to-end process from production to the final sale and ensures that there is never any overproduction.


We work with small, family-run businesses and artisans - who have honed their craft over generations. It is crucial to us that everyone working on the creation of Five of Us pieces is provided with a safe work environment and conditions certified by expert bodies. We see everyone who works with Five of Us as part of our community, and it is of the utmost importance to us that they enjoy working for our brand and can do so safely and with pride.
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It is our duty to behave in the most ethically, socially and environmentally responsible way. We create with a low-waste approach, don’t follow the traditional fashion calendar, and run our business with inclusivity and diversity at its heart - internally and externally. We aim to educate where we can and are always transparent about our practices, our short fallings and our business decisions. Running a sustainable business is a continuous journey, in which there is no perfection, but it is our goal to always do our best

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