How to measure

Our easy to follow guide on how to measure your child to ensure the perfect fit.

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01/03 Height
Ask your child to stand with their back to the wall. Make sure they are barefoot and standing as straight as possible. Move the heels of their feet to the wall and use a pencil to mark where the top of their head comes to. You can now measure from the floor to the pencil mark which will give you an exact indication of the child’s height.
02/03 Chest
Using a flexible tailor’s tape measure, pass it under the child’s arms and around their chest (as indicated on the illustration). Ensure the tape measure isn’t too tight but sits snuggly around the child’s chest. The child should wear a vest or thin t-shirt to ensure the most accurate measurement.
03/03 Waist
Use the same flexible tape measure and find the child’s natural waistline. This is usually just above the bellybutton. The tape measure must be parallel to the floor to get an accurate measurement. Place it snuggly but not tightly around the child’s waist and ensure they are wearing a vest or thin t-shirt.

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